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Our job is to provide you with tips for value sports investments so you win more money from the TAB or your bookie. Our tipsters are seasoned investors who win money by wagering on sports events. We don't like to call it gambling. It's only a gamble if you don't know what's going to happen. Most of the time our tipsters DO know what is going to happen, and they put their money where their tips are.

Not only do we provide you with the tips to win, we will give you an overview of the games we think are the best to invest on, the reasoning and research that led us to our conclusions and why we think the tips we provide will win. We will arm you with knowledge as well as the tips for success. Combine this with your own knowledge to make the best possible decision when it comes to investing your own hard earned cash.

Making value bets is the key to our success. We carefully study the sports odds set by the NZ TAB and by various bookies around the world and, using our combined knowledge, determine where the betting value is. Simply put, we make money from their mistakes.

Using our network of contacts and years of experience we research team and individual performances so that we know more about an event than the betting agencies do. Then we determine where odds have been set that are 'overs' or paying more than we believe they should be. It is on these options that we focus our investments.

It is these individual tips that we will be passing onto our subscribers. This means YOU can have access to the sports bets that make us money. In addition to the Top 4 Weekly Sports Tips we  will provide you with another 3-6 value investment options every week!! These additional selections will be dictated by the number of value investment options we find. All the research is done by us, for you.

As well as our 'Top 4 Weekly Sports Tips' subscription, subscribers have the option of the 'Late Mail' add on. Our 'Late Mail' sports tips are up to the minute value betting tips across the sporting weekend. Late personnel changes or weather changes or reliable 'inside oil' can give us the jump on the TAB and produce some juicy value selections. You sign up for 'Late Mail' and we will email you our last minute tips for games, sometimes live betting options as well, before or during the event.

To concentrate our expertise and provide the best value bets possible for our subscribers we focus on three main sports. Rugby Union, Rugby League and Football (soccer). Recently we have added Australian Rules (AFL), American Football (NFL) and NBA basketball to the picks we send out. Our tipsters have decades of experience placing winning bets across are most successful codes. To find out more about out tipsters click here >>>  

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