Just to show you that our number one priority is to beat your bookie, we supply a free weekly tip that is  sure to come in. We call it our Lead Pipe Lock of the Week. Feel free to share it with friends so they will know Beat the Bookie is serious about beating every bookie. Then again, you may want to pass it off  as your own tip. However, it isn't necessarily a value bet (we don't like to give those away) but it will get  you a return on your investment.  Currently the winning percentage for the Lead Pipe Lock of the Week is running at 90%. The Lead Pipe Lock of the Week is updated by 3pm every Friday and, as long is there is some kind of sport going on in the world, we will keep having a crack!

Our last Lead Pipe Lock winner:
NRL Rugby League - Gold Coast v Parramatta, Parramatta to win
Starts: Sun 22 Mar 8:15pm 2020 NZT
Result: Gold Coast 6 - Parramatta 46, Return = $1.40 for a $1 investment

This Week's Lead Pipe Lock:
Icons Of Darts Live League: David Evans v Andy Jenkins - Evans to win
Starts: Fri 10 Apr 11:00pm 2020 NZT
Result: Evans 5 - Jenkins 4, Fixed Odds Return = $1.50 for a $1 investment

Previous Lead Pipe Lock win streaks include 42 wins in a row, with our most recent, decent streak finishing on 17. The last calendar year closed with 33 wins from 52 selections for an annual net profit of 5%. The new Lead Pipe Lock year started end of Feb 2020, currently at 20% net profit after 5 wins from 6 selections. But for the best value you should subscribe to our Top 4 Weekly Sports Tips for $11.95 a week (you can cancel at any time). It's a no brainer, our success rate for the last 6 months is over 67%! Our subscribers win, period. We also have heavily discounted monthly and annual subscriptions, that are fantastic value if you are a serious sports investor.
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Beat the Bookie Lead Pipe Lock of the Week
Lead Pipe Lock of the Week