Our Experts Have Decades of Experience Winning Consistently

To concentrate our expertise and provide the best value bets possible for our subscribers we focus on three main sports. Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer. Our tipsters have decades of experience placing winning bets across these codes.   

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Beat the Bookie - Our Sports Tipsters who Beat the TAB
Mad Dog
M.C. is our rugby union expert. A diehard Canterbury man, he has 15 years experience beating bookies in NZ, Australia and a dozen other countries, too many to name. A professional investor, he also consults with other tipping sites worldwide and was the driving force for the creation of Beat the Bookie.

English is a football fanatic. He's also a tight Scottish bastard and has taken years to get used to his 'tongue in cheek' moniker. Often grumpy, English would rather have his eyebrows plucked than let a bookie take one cent from him. English provides our football tips and has an inside research network second to none.
Mad Dog is a one of a kind, currently splitting his time between successfully picking an unbelievably high number of rugby league results with a professional poker career on the Australasian circuit. Born in NZ, but resident in Australia, Mad Dog gives us a distinct advantage over NZ bookies. Mad Dog is a legend.
Our Story

I'm Conor Quinn, the Beat the Bookie Business Development and Public Relations Manager. I run the day to day operations at Beat the Bookie, as a client of my business development consultancy, BizStar International.

In June 2010 I was approached by M.C. and English with an idea for Beat the Bookie in New Zealand and Australia. After meeting with them I contacted my old friend from UoW, Mad Dog. The four of us got together and fleshed out a business plan, with the three of them to work behind the scenes, anonymously, while I was the front man.

Using the resources at my disposal as Managing Director of BizStar International, I am responsible for executing the annual business plan, developing our marketing and sales strategy, handing all PR matters, including our online marketing, such as Twitter, and ensuring Beat the Bookie is an ongoing successful business.

I also have 18 years experience betting on sports, so I know how good the sports tips are. Every Friday morning I get a dozen tips from each of our three experts, and I pick the best value bets to send out to our subscribers for the Top 4 Weekly Sports Tips.

It's my job to ensure our subscribers get the best value for money possible. I also work on our 'Late Mail' service and provide as many updates as possible on the website. Next step is for us to get some airtime on TAB TV. Us versus the TAB, it's a competition we aim to win, again and again. When we win, we all win. Get on board and win more money more often, sign up now >>>